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Our 8 Step Buying Process
Buying a home in Vancouver is a huge investment.
Whether you are a first time homebuyer in BC, or if it's your tenth time looking for a new home, beginning your home search by yourself can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task. Because of that, we make sure that you, and all other potential buyers, understand each of the 8 steps that we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end of your search, with our support and guidance, you will live happily ever after in your new, dream home.

Meet virtually and create a wishlist

Let's get to know each other!

Once you're ready to work with our team, we'll meet together for a Buyer Consultation to focus your search and determine what you want and need in a home. 


We'll introduce you to our mortgage partners, who can help you determine your buying price range with confidence in this ever-changing market. Be prepared to dig into paperwork during this part of the process such as pay stubs, T4's, and tax returns. The lender will do a full review and then tell you what you will be able to borrow in order to purchase a home. This is a vital step in the home buying process!

Listing alerts sent to you based on your criteria

Our agents get to know you - Need to move for a job? Want a shorter commute? Getting married? Having a baby? Need to upgrade or downsize? At this stage in the process, we'll send you notifications about the listings that you're most likely to be excited about. Be sure to let us know if one (or more) jumps out at you so that we can skip to the next step and schedule a viewing. We will be there for you every step of the way.

Schedule viewings and attend open houses

Here's where the buying process gets really fun! We'll attend open houses together and schedule viewings of the homes that you've loved from our listing alerts. We'll talk about how the budget will work and make sure that we find you the perfect home.

Find the perfect home and write an offer

Now is the time to finalize on a property that you prefer. We'll talk about all the property details such as the positives and negatives based on your situation, and much more. When we find the perfect property that matches with your purchase motivation, we'll put on our battle suits and help you strengthen your position at the negotiating table. Resale properties often come with many risks but are more flexible in negotiations compared to presale projects. At this point, this is where our true expertise becomes helpful for you because not only will be protect you, but we will also obtain favourable terms for you. 

Acceptance, appraisal and inspection

The sellers accepted your offer, and the home is going through appraisal and inspection. The appraisal guarantees that the price of the property matches the condition of the property while the inspection makes sure that everything in the home is functioning properly and there are no major issues inside. These are the last steps before the shiny keys to your home are placed in your hands... for good!

Time to close and get the keys

Get excited because it’s time to close on your home! This process includes going through all of the final paperwork and signing autographs. Don't forget to bring all of the paperwork you’ve collected along the way and your down payment.

Close & Celebrate!!

Let us congratulate you on this milestone with a celebration toast, a keepsake photo of you with your new set of keys, or even a housewarming party! Seriously, we are excited for you and so grateful to be a part of this journey.

Ready to find
your dream

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